Wireless Clerking via RF Modems

The wireless RF modems can be used in conjunction with a laptop or desktop computer for clerking an auction. The modems are sold in pairs, one for the computer in the field (the client), and one connected to a computer in the office (the server). They use  frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology and provide reliable communication even in RF-hostile environments. The RF Modems offer superior range compared to most Wi-Fi solutions.

How is the modem powered?

The modem can operate in two different power modes. If plugged into an A/C outlet via the provided AC/DC adapter, the modem will transmit at 1 watt and reach up to a 5-mile range. When the modem is not plugged into an A/C outlet, it automatically draws power from the USB port and transmits at a reduced 400mw output, up to 1/2 miles.

'Up To' Range Explained

Please keep in mind that the "up to" range is representative of an ideal environment with line-of-sight communication and no competing / interfering rf signals. Actual conservative range estimates in the field will likely be around 1 mile for the radio in A/C powered mode, and 1,000 feet for the USB powered mode. Every location is different so range will vary according to your environmental factors.

Metal Walls and RF Signals

RF signals are negatively impacted by metal walls. If a modem is placed inside a metal building chances are that it will be unable to "talk" to another modem outside the metal building. In this scenario we recommend purchasing an external antenna and cable to allow better placement of the antenna outside the building.

Pre-Auction Testing

We highly recommend testing the modems in ALL clerking locations that will be used during the auction prior to auction day. This ensures that if there are any connectivity issues they can be resolved before the auction starts. Discovering a connectivity issue during the auction is stressful and easily avoided by conducting this pre-auction testing.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

If you are using the modems in the a/c powered mode then we highly recommend that you plug the modem into an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS ensures that the modem receives clean consistent power. If you don't use a UPS, power flickers and brown-outs can disconnect the modem from the computer which can cause interruptions on auction day.



1 Watt with AC Power
200 Milliwatt with USB Power
With a range of up to 5 miles, the AC powered mode has about 10x the range of our wireless handhelds. With a range of up to 1/2 miles, this mode has about the same range as our wireless handhelds.
This mode requires power via an AC/DC converter that must be plugged into an AC outlet. This mode is a good solution when portability is not a concern and there is a power source readily available. This mode is 1/5 of the power of the 1 watt mode and does not need the separate power adaptor to be plugged in. They connect and are powered by your computer's USB port.