Version 9.04 History

(The # that precedes each item is our internal tracking case #)

Auction Flex Detailed Version History for v9.04.00 (Released December 30th, 2016)

14375 - Added support for credit card processing

14786 - Added shipping scan forms for USPS

12760 - Added feature that requires an access code to view HiBid bidder credit card info

13653 - Added support for file extension jpeg in addition to the normal jpg extension

14421 - Show immediate bid status option is now copied over when copying auction settings

14506 - Updated auction checkout report #15 to show long invoice numbers

14657 - Fixed conflict with auction filter upload options when using both lot range and minimum estimate options

14682 - Simplified auction upload by removing option to continue upload

14596 - Fixed bug in Auction Flex mobile where a search term wouldn't properly clear out

14278 - Updated image import sorting logic for lots with 10 or more images

2855 - Added more image import columns to item/lot import

14783 - Added option to not print consignor phone# on settlement reports

14594 - Added test smtp settings button to settings & options > email

14696 - Fixed automatic lot labels from Fast Entry, Detailed Entry, and Auction Flex Mobile to support source codes up to 10 characters